About Us

AppBuddy was founded by a group of technologists who wholeheartedly believe in the power of data to help people see the truth about their organizations and to do the right things at the right time. Through years of building cloud enterprise applications, we discovered how to solve common issues users have executing their business processes and getting data into their systems of record.

Leveraging this experience, we decided and put our minds and hearts to the task of making any enterprise user experience even better than it is now. Above all, we believe in designing solutions with a "human first" approach in mind.

Our Mission

To empower everyone to be happy in their work by making how they connect with their data an illuminating experience.


Start with the end in mind.

What if you could build data interaction solutions that are cross-functional, cross-application and cross-database with a single, consistent user experience? Your end users would be more focused and work more effectively without being distracted by the limits of their technology.

Start with the end in mind and build your enterprise systems from the end users’ point of view. What do they need to execute their business processes? What systems and data do they need to access? What is the best interface that gives them the ability to easily act on data and maintain data security?


Save Time and 5x-10x Your Salesforce Productivity with Gridbuddy

Learn how to save time and increase your users' productivity 5x-10x using GridBuddy in Salesforce.

GridBuddy Forecasting View

GridBuddy Forecasting View is unique in its flexibility, excel-like edit ability and transposed view. There is no other app in the Salesforce AppExchange that enables you to configure any object into a transposed view that is completely editable and actionable. This forecasting workspace gives you time-based or categorical views into any data you need to forecast, and provides further flexibility to take mass action on sales, opportunities, products and much more.

Using GridBuddy for Related lists in Lightning Experience

GridBuddy replaces related lists in Salesforce Lightning and gives you true inline edit capabilities, supports multi-object architecture (meaning you can manage complex hierarchies of data in a single screen), and allows you to easily filter and sort data to create more actionable views of data.

GridBuddy Demo for Salesforce AppExchange

AppBuddy demonstrates how by using GridBuddy in Salesforce all the information a field sales rep needs is in one easy-to-use, complete, actionable screen. No more wasting valuable customer time clicking around looking for valuable data!


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Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

"GridBuddy has been instrumental in helping us standardize our sales processes and achieve a six-fold increase in the number of customer satisfaction surveys we’re able to send. Now, we have clearer insights into account health and sales opportunities that we previously couldn’t have identified. GridBuddy has become our Gold Standard for accessing and managing data in Salesforce." – Steven Cox, Manager of Global Sales Tools Strategy, NetApp

"GridBuddy has been a game changer for us. All of our salespeople—reps, managers, and executives—have real-time, reliable access to accurate account information and the insights they need to close bigger deals, faster." – Marc Madenwald, Director of Sales Process and Productivity, Adobe Systems, Inc.

“GridBuddy is drop-dead easy to setup and configure, and support for the product is fantastic too. The time your users save will pay for the product before you realize it.” – Jim Mitchell, Sr. Business Systems Analyst, VIZIO, Inc.


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