Qadium gives you complete visibility into and actionable insights about your true network boundary to mitigate information security risks. Qadium’s platform surfaces facts and relevant context about digital assets of interest to you in real time at global Internet scale. This capability helps sophisticated organizations:

  • Identify high-value “edge case” risks, such as shadow IT in cloud hosting
  • Alerting to accidental connections of sensitive devices, like control systems and other equipment intended for intranet use only, to the public Internet
  • Identify regional offices violating corporate IT policy
  • Identify risks associated with subsidiaries or affiliated business units
  • Get ahead of global threat actors and generate investigative leads

Qadium delivers global cyber situational awareness data and alerts through our software-as-a-service (SaaS) web-based product (“Expander”), and customer-specific API integrations.


  • Expander

    Expander, powered by Qadium’s global Internet intelligence platform, is SaaS-delivered visualization and analysis software that provides complete visibility into and actionable insights about your true network boundary to mitigate information security risks. Expander does this by surfacing facts and context about all digital assets that are relevant to your organization across the global Internet. Subscription includes API-access for customer-specific integrations. For further information on Expander, please visit https://qadium.com/product


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CEO Tim Junio started at the CIA, and Qadium began as an R&D lab for government projects.
Qadium, the first automated global Internet intelligence company, announced today that it has raised $40 million USD in Series B funding led by IVP. IVP is joined by new investor TPG ...
Qadium, a Peter Thiel-backed cybersecurity start-up from San Francisco, has raised a Series B of $40 million, as it expands its product that CEO and ex-CIA analyst Tim Junio claims can index almost ...


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Threat actors have gotten smarter. They’re probing attack surfaces using an integrated operational approach including: sophisticated scanning technologies, weaponized vulnerabilities, automation, and commodity cloud infrastructure. They’re operating faster than your command decision-making p...


Matt Kraning is the CTO of Qadium, and in today’s show he describes the process by which Qadium maps the Internet.


Qadium continuously discovers, tracks, and monitors the dynamic global Internet edge for the world’s largest organizations.